Monday, June 11, 2007

Re: Stone Soup Follow-Up

Hi Korey and Mila,
  As I expected, it was a festival to remember. I am left with excellent learning and some regrets for what I missed. I was torn among the competing interests of my fiber art background and the activities of SDA, the interference of my gimpy legs and the allure of some very fine teachers.The annoyance and hindrance caused by my late-arriving shoes (thanks to Amtrak) added to the mix. Of course, I am not the least bit sorry I came. I am anxious for you to schedule the next one.
   The most important features for me are always the teachers. Everything else is dessert. I liked the scheduling of the staff lessons better this year than last, but I did skip some so I had chances to see art. 
   One suggestion I have is for the staff to participate in the staff lessons as much as possible (not necessarily every one). Last year I got to know some of the newer teachers that way. This year it was harder for me because I danced only with Evan. I would have liked a lesson with him had I moved more quickly to book one. I do like to know what I might get if I book a lesson.
   The other suggestion is to present the performances before midnight at a scheduled time and all at once. I was very tired. I managed to wait for some but not all of them. Boo hiss.
    No other festival is as welcoming as yours or more fun because we get to know more about the others there. That does not happen without lots of planning and very welcoming hosts. You certainly worked incredibly hard to haul the immense pile of gear to the site. Having comfortable cushions for reclining was the almost the best thing. Air conditioning was a very good thing. The food was best quality, the chocolates a delight.
   My brain is leaving me, and my computer might too so I am stopping here.
Thank you so very, very much for doing this for us.
All the best, Sherry

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