Monday, June 11, 2007

Re: Stone Soup Follow-Up

Hi Korey and Mila,
  As I expected, it was a festival to remember. I am left with excellent learning and some regrets for what I missed. I was torn among the competing interests of my fiber art background and the activities of SDA, the interference of my gimpy legs and the allure of some very fine teachers.The annoyance and hindrance caused by my late-arriving shoes (thanks to Amtrak) added to the mix. Of course, I am not the least bit sorry I came. I am anxious for you to schedule the next one.
   The most important features for me are always the teachers. Everything else is dessert. I liked the scheduling of the staff lessons better this year than last, but I did skip some so I had chances to see art. 
   One suggestion I have is for the staff to participate in the staff lessons as much as possible (not necessarily every one). Last year I got to know some of the newer teachers that way. This year it was harder for me because I danced only with Evan. I would have liked a lesson with him had I moved more quickly to book one. I do like to know what I might get if I book a lesson.
   The other suggestion is to present the performances before midnight at a scheduled time and all at once. I was very tired. I managed to wait for some but not all of them. Boo hiss.
    No other festival is as welcoming as yours or more fun because we get to know more about the others there. That does not happen without lots of planning and very welcoming hosts. You certainly worked incredibly hard to haul the immense pile of gear to the site. Having comfortable cushions for reclining was the almost the best thing. Air conditioning was a very good thing. The food was best quality, the chocolates a delight.
   My brain is leaving me, and my computer might too so I am stopping here.
Thank you so very, very much for doing this for us.
All the best, Sherry

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Friday, June 8, 2007

RE: Stone Soup Follow-Up

Korey and Mila:


Is there still going to be a beginners tango intensitve this weekend? If so, where and when and what are the class fees for an individual?

I'll check email before 5:30 pm tonight or in the am.

Thanks for the info,

Renee L. Roosa

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

RE: Stone Soup Follow-Up

Overall I felt it was a wonderful event.   It might have be better to dance a bit more, but I never expect to dance alot if I do not bring a partner.   There are always more followers than leaders.  My only suggestion might have been to re- snowball a couple of times to make certain everyone was up dancing for the snowball dance.  Thank you so much for planning organizing and running such a great event.  

Tonight is Omaha's first big TANGO EVENT!  Please wish us luck.   We hope to be having you and Mila visit Omaha next time you come this way.

RE: Stone Soup Follow-Up

Just a note to say thank you for all the hard work you put into this event.You don't have to go out of town for good Tango. I would have liked to see
more locals as well. I was informed that there was a big group that went the weekend before on Memorial Weekend to Denver and couldn't afford two events. Maybe by having the festival not so close to Memorial Weekend, more local people would come. I liked the round table event. It allowed people to express themselves. I was a little disappointed on Saturday night because not one instructor or out-of-towner asked me to dance. After the round table on Sunday however, I think it made instructors and everyone else that we need to mingle a little more with people we don't know. Next year I will be more proactive by asking people to put me on their dance card early!! I especially liked when you had everyone get on the dance floor and close their eyes and whoever they were touching that's who they danced with. That was fun and a good way to break the ice after the performances. I was impressed with the classes and the teaching. I know someone stated that for beginners these classes might have been over their head. I think most of the people who come to these events have been dancing for a while. I never think there are enough harder classes for advanced dancers and don't agree that we should have more basic classes. Most of the group lessons in town here are always for beginners. If the classes aren't appropriate for beginners then maybe the schedule should reflect what the person needs to know before signing up for this class. I know in Austin if you are not qualified to be in a class you are told that. This really makes people aware of their true level of dance. The set up is different because you pay for the day and can go to any class you want because they are all at the same time. I just don't want to see less classes for more advanced students is all. I was very pleased with the Sunday night Milonga and had a fabulous time. I got to dance with all the instructors except for you!! I also was able to dance with some out-of-towners which made my night!! I thought it was a nice event. I think the games are fun for people and get everyone involved. Maybe we should do the same thing at least once per night to get people to mingle a little more? Just my thoughts.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Stone Soup Feedback

Hello friends,
I'm learning something new...
I'm setting up a blog for your comments about the stone soup festival, in order to refine the event, and to allow you to see and respond to the dialog that the weekend has generated. I'm sure this will evolve as I learn more about how to use this...